Club Med Bali Review: Sport and Activities

Club Med Bali Review: Sport and Activities

It was my first Club Med experience. Before coming to Club Med Bali, I read its website to plan what will we do at Club Med Bali for 3 days. The Children Club, snorkeling, kayaking, archery, flying trapeze, swimming, tennis and yoga were on our list.

12 relax-atcabana

When we arrived at Club Med Bali, the first thing that our Kiddos request was swimming, because the pool was seen from the lobby. We sat at one of the cabana provided in Club Med Bali, ordering cold drinks from the bar for free, chilling out at the pool, and started our 3 days enjoying sport and activities at Club Med Bali.

The Kids Club at Club Med Bali
The best part of Club Med Bali for our Kiddos#1 was the Kids Club. He joined it since the first day, and still talk about his experience at the Kids Club until now, weeks after our stay at Club Med Bali.
01 kidsclub02
The Children Club at Club Med Bali is divided by age, started with Baby Club (4 months to 2 years) with an extra cost, Petite Club (2-4years), Mini Club (4-6 years), Kids Club (7-10 years) and Teens Club (11-17 years). Parents are required to register at the Children Club.
Kiddos#1 is 8 years old and joined the Kids Club. Whilst his little brother who is 6 years old refuse to join the Mini Club, as he wanted to be in his brother’s group. Of course, he was not allowed to join the Kids Club. However, when the Kids Club played the “finding the medal” game at the pool, Kiddos#2 took part helping his brother to find the medal:p
01 kidsclub03
After lunch on our first day, the Kids Club activity was archery, and our Kiddos#1 was so happy to get the gold medal from Club Med Bali, because he succeeded shooting close to the target.
01 kidsclub04
Then it was time for the kids to have a foam party! We were lucky that the foam party was held on Friday, which was the first day of our holiday in Club Med Bali. The foam party was AWESOME, can we have an adult foam party, please?
04 kidsfoamparty1
Sliding race was held after the foam party. All the children were standing in the line and they took turn to slide. Get ready….go!
04 kidsfoamparty3
The Kids Club also has their flying trapeze session in the morning. Don’t worry, this flying trapeze is not only for the children, the session for adult held at 4 pm everyday.
03 kidsclub-trapeze02
03 kidsclub-trapeze03
Other activities at the Kids Club was the dancing. They first practice it at the theatre, with the help of the GO (the French term for Gentil Organisateur). And later on that day, they performed the dance using Balinese Sarong. Yes these children are from different countries, yet they dance with Indonesian song, Iwa Peyek. It was a lovey show!
05 kidsidshow2
05 kidsidshow3
05 kidsidshow4
The opportunity to mingle with his new friends from all over the world was a memorable experience for our Kiddos. When we got home, Kiddos#1 asked me, “Do you know the meaning of Merci Beaucoup? I learned it in Club Med!”.
The Water Activities
The Water Sport center which is located on the beach, provide free water sport activities for the GM (Gentil Membre, this is how guests of Club Med are called). We tried snorkeling on our last day. Too bad only children over 10 years are allowed to do snorkeling.
05 others-water-snorkel01
“Do you want to try the kayaking?” The GO asked us when we had just finished our snorkeling trip. Why not? So there we go with our yellow kayak 🙂
07 others-water-canoe
We saw groups of GM from Korea were learning how to do the windsurfing. Don’t worry if it’s your first time, the GO at the Water Sport, Adi and Jaya will help you.
06 others-water-windsurf
The Sport Activities
Actually I really wanted to learn how to play golf, but on my way to the golf course, I saw a group of people playing tennis, so I joined them. The GO named Charlotte was really good as our leader, so we could have an enjoyable game that morning.
04 others-tennis01
There’s a daily sport tournament held at Club Med Bali, if you are interested to join one of the tournament, just don’t miss the time!
08 others-golf
I didn’t succeed to try the yoga session at Club Med Bali. It was scheduled at 5.30 pm, but our Kiddos request to have another swimming session at the main pool.
The Night Show by The Kids
After dinner, all the GM gathered at the Theatre to see the show performed by our kids. Our Kiddos#1 was also participating to perform his Taekwondo kick.
02 kidsperformance3
02 kidsperformance1
The Night Show by The GO
I thought the show was over when all the children were asked to go to the stage, but I was wrong. It was the time for the GO who performed their dance!
11 others-nightshow2
11 others-nightshow3
And not only that…. The GO gave us another surprise, they prepared a party beach for the GM. All the decoration, the songs, the dance were prepared by the GO of Club Med Bali. It was such a fun night for all of us!
11 others-nightshow4

“The all inclusive resort” concept of Club Med was not only the food (six times meal in a day!), the free flow drinks at the main bar, and the lovely beach and resort, but it includes all the sports and activities that you can enjoy at Club Med for FREE. For our family, it was a “new way” to enjoy Bali, and we loved every second we spent at Club Med Bali.

We will see you soon, Club Med!


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