Club Med Bali Experience

Club Med Bali Experience

Have you heard about All Inclusive Hotel called Club Med? My partner, Fitri, and I heard so much about it but never experience it ourselves. Fitri’s husband was a GO in Club Med Bali years ago. We were lucky that we got an Invitation from Club Med Bali last month.


Here are some facts about Club Med that you might need to know. I was surprise (ummm.. maybe shock is a better word for this) when Jerry told us that we were the only Indonesian guest..!! I mean, are you kidding? Guys, listen to me.. next time you go to Bali or Bintan, we are highly recommend you to stay at Club Med Resort. You won’t regret it. I don’t understand, how could we miss a very good deal like this? Probably because most of Indonesian is just like myself:P Well, it’s time to open our eyes and mind. This resort is the perfect place for your vacation.

Here are some facts, knowledge or whatever you call it, to help you understand more about this lovely resort. Check it out!


Yes, I’m not joking, This is a “private” kinda resort. Of course We didn’t know about this before, that’s why we asked our friend, who happened share the ride from the Airport, to come with us to Club Med before we go to Seminyak. One of security members asked our name at the gate. When he found out that there are only two names on the guest list he was refuse to let us in. Actually, I asked the management about it a day before, but unfortunately, they didn’t receive my text. So that was my mistake. Anyway, After 5 minutes he finally let the car in.

To be honest, this is my first experience when bring one extra people  become a little problem. But apparently at Club Med, if you are not a guest you can’t have access to the resort. It’s a good thing, though, so only registered guest can come close to the resort. I’m sure it was for safety reason.


Like I mentioned earlier, The security finally drops the automatic “gate” and we managed to take our friend to the Lobby for check in process. Upon check in, none of their staff told us that our friend can’t go our room without the orange bracelet. and to get the bracelet, we have to buy a night pass which is valid from 6.30 PM to midnight for IDR 950K, with that pass she can have a buffet dinner and free flow drinks. If she gonna stay more than 3 hours, I will definitely purchase the pass. Coz It was a good deal. But, since we will stay for 30 minutes only, We decided to leave her alone in the lobby because their rule  is a crystal clear. Don’t bother trying to negotiate.

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The Village is their term for the resort. GM (Gentil Membres) is their term for the guest,  and GO (Gentil Organisateurs) is their term for usher. These GOs will make sure that the GM have a great time at the village, One of their job is welcoming the guest with their signature waving dance:P



The most unique feature of Club Med is that the GOs and GMs play, dine, drink, and dance together every day and night. You will see the Guest and the Staff (GOs) sharing a table at the bar and the restaurant, Doing fun activities and Sports competition together, They more like a friend instead of Resort Staff. GOs only stay in one resort for 6-12 months, then they are moved to another resort for the same period, and so on. That’s why you can find GOs from almost around the world. What an interesting job.

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The price is includes Three times a day meal, all day snacks, free flow drinks (water, juices, soda, coffee, tea, house wine, house spirits), Sports Activities (Trapeze, basketball, archery, soccer, tennis, golf, Stand Up Paddle, Kayaking, Snorkeling, and many more). Spa treatment, some drinks are excluded.


If you bring your kids here, I would believe that they will love Club Med as there are so many activities for them from 8:30 am till night. Kids will also asked to participate on the night performance. It’s a unique experience for both, parents and children. The child will learn to interact with other children from the rest of the world and do a performance together in front of their parents.



I wish I brought my children so I can have my own experience to proof that this resort is perfect for family. The resort has more than one 18+ area; they even have it in the restaurant area. So if you are parents who are looking for “peace” and have a “me” time while your kids are also having a wonderful time, This place is for you! Trust me, I have three children at home, and I know how children are capable of creating chaotic moments. At Club Med, There are GOs who will taking care of your Kids, start from 4 months old till 18 y.o.

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So everyone can have a “Me Time”, The teens can run away from protective parents (haha) for couple hours, toddler can have fun with others, and parents can enjoy their long lost peaceful evening:P


They have 111 rooms in Total, Some of the rooms are under refurbish. Resort occupancy was above 90% that weekend. We stayed at Deluxe Room as that was the only room type that available. The room was nice and pretty spacious. There’s a big sofa in the room and two lazy chairs at the terrace. The design was modern minimalist, touched with bright red. They have two type of deluxe room, modern and traditional.  The guest could choose whichever they prefer. The bathroom design was chic simple, and I love the overhead shower. The only thing that is missing was Minibar, I mean.. The fridge was there, and the concept is All Inclusive. Put a full stock in the fridge would help someone like me, who always thirsty in the middle of the night. Aside from the minibar issue, I thought everything was perfect.


The restaurant is located in the main building, second floor. They have a wide selection of food. Korean, Japanese, Italian, Western and Indonesian, of course. The dessert table was difficult to avoid. Everything looks tempting. Ow, they also have a special plate (or tray) for kids. Jerry, the I&E Manager, who share a table with us, told us that they sometimes create a theme for the dinner, like a white party. For the white party, the restaurant will be decorated with white linen, white flowers; they even have a dress code for that.


I think this is the only resort in Nusa Dua area that has a picnic area. Huge garden covered with well maintain grass, Coconut Trees here and there, Sea Breeze, Warm ray, unlimited snacks and drinks. I couldn’t ask for more, honestly.

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This is what I called balance. From early morning till sunset you can easily spot GMs doing sports activities such as kayaking, swimming, flying trapeze, soccer, basket, archery, yoga, windsurfing, tennis, and even golf. After dinner, everyone including the minors will have a party. Start from the main stage or bar to the nightclub or beach club. But the party finish at 1, the latest, So GMs can have enough rest.

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Your phone runs out of battery? Don’t bring any camera? Don’t worry.. Just enjoy your day and prepare yourself just in case “in house” paparazzi shots you. Yup, They have a dedicated photographer to take a picture of the guests. At the end of your stay, you can choose your pictures from a photo corner and ask them to transfer it to a CD or flash disk. Isn’t it cool?


Ok, let’s do the math. Lets compare this resort with other 5stars hotel.


So, what are you waiting for? Go make a reservation for your next vacation!


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